Taking customers from contract to closing has been my work since 2004. I help sellers and buyers negotiate. I know the contract well and I send buyers and sellers transaction sheets with the dates of contract deadlines. I have lists of lenders, inspectors, and insurance companies. I am familiar with the appraisal process.

I am buying a condo. The contract was signed. I was happy. Then I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding and a feeling of mild panic. I recognized that it was an irrational emotional reaction. Now wide awake, I tried to find the source. Was it thinking about what my age would be at the end of a 30 year loan, mortality? No, I plan to pay it off much sooner. Was it commitment? No, I am fine with commitment and married more than 20 years.

Then I thought of the buyers who trust me to help them purchase a home, many of whom are moving from out of state to Florida, with hurricanes, alligators and its own special weirdness. I smiled and empathized with them.