City Hall Meeting July 31st

The purpose of the meeting before the Planning and Zoning Appeal Board was to present proposed changes to the Neighborhood Conservation District 3 code, which is meant to preserve the Grove’s tree canopy and character. The NCD 3 rules differ from the Miami 21 zoning code pertaining to lot splitting, height restrictions, and setback. Changes in language may have unintended effects. The PZAB did not vote to incorporate the proposed changes. There will be 2 more meetings at which 3 or more City Commissioners will be present. The next meeting will be in September. Earlier this year, Commissioner Ken Russell won commission approval to modify the City’s tree ordinance to better protect old trees. These modifications include increased fines for violations. The tree canopy of Coconut Grove requires additional protections, which I hope will be part of the changes to the NCD 3 rules.