Looking back on the performances of 2016, my favorite is The Messiah, performed by The Miami Civic Chorale and the Alhambra Orchestra at the Old Cutler Presbyterian Church in Palmetto Bay. For me, it is a Holiday tradition. The Alhambra Orchestra has been playing the Messiah Sing-In with the Civic Chorale for over 20 years, and I have been in the viola section. The tradition is for the orchestra to rehearse with the chorus and soloists at 2:00. For the performance at 4:00, anyone from the community who wants to sing can pick up parts and join in. This year the orchestra performed only the choruses from Mozart’s score with the 16th notes played as written, and bowings that created a fuller sound. The recitatives were played on the organ, which was fitting given Mozart’s fascination with the instrument and his inclination to visit the great organs in the cities on his tours.