I remember when skylights were so cool, and then they weren’t. After a few years they turned a cloudy yellow and leaked. But, what a great idea to bring light into a dark room and to continue Frank Lloyd Wright’s practice of bringing the outdoors in. The new generation of skylights does that and more. Skylights are manufactured in polycarbonate with UV inhibitors to prevent color change or in impact resistant glass. Polycarbonate skylights have a warranty of 5-10 years. The better choice is the glass, with a warranty of 20 years. Skylights are installed in metal frames which do not leak. The old domed skylights were installed by roofers, with an asphalt based sealant spread and built up around the edges. The heat and the break down of the solvents in the sealant would cause cracking and leaks within a year or two. Then the roofer would go up and put some more material around the edges, not pretty, or durable. The new generation of glass skylights offers an array of products, including tubular skylights, to afford the best illumination for a specific area. Skylights enhance a home with natural light, saving energy. Consult a specialist who offers a variety of samples. Ask questions about the product rating for the Miami-Dade County hurricane code.